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From Prevention to Intervention



Workplace Violence

The effects of a workplace violence incident can be devastating to any organization, its employees, and even its customer base. We help you avoid costly workplace violence incidents, prevent potential future violence, and help with recovery if an incident has occurred.

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Organizational Effectiveness

Aligning individual and team performance with business goals is our specialty. Our experts work with you to identify current organizational issues and determine a practical and effective plan to improve processes and increase productivity.

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BCI: Our Vision

Since 1995, we have served private and public organizations who value their most important resource – their people. Our programs foster engaged, focused and productive workplaces. Our guiding purpose is to serve and positively influence businesses and their employees through our consulting, training and coaching programs. We are Workplace Behavior Specialists.


Why we do what we do:

  • BCI is recognized as a pioneer in the field of workplace violence prevention.
  • This experience equips us with a unique approach to optimizing organizational effectiveness
  • We have seen first-hand how proactive and positive leadership can elevate a workplace and its employees, resulting in engaged and productive people, and increased profitability.
  • Because of this history, BCI today is a provider of a full range of behavioral development services for the workplace – intervening in dangerous and dysfunctional behavior, as well as creating opportunities for growth in organizations and their leaders.