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Baron Center: A Resource Against Workplace Violence

Baron Center: A Resource Against Workplace Violence
Baron Center: A Resource Against Workplace Violence
Carlsbad Business Journal, July/August 2014
It’s likely you’re unaware that one of the country’s premier teams for dealing with workplace violence is located here in Carlsbad. Baron Center, Inc. (BCI) has been around since 1995, but has always kept a low profile. It’s one of the city’s important but least well-known resources.
Workplace violence isn’t a topic that’s typically top-of-mind, despite the fact that its effects can be devastating — to organizations, employees and even customers. The professionals at BCI use their skills to help clients avoid costly workplace violence incidents, prevent future violence and help with recovery when incidents occur.
Over the years, BCI’s team of consultants and trainers has responded to imminently dangerous situations, intervened in workplace threats and delivered practical, usable training. These consultants and trainers are thought leaders in the areas of behavioral science, clinical and forensic psychology and law enforcement; in addition they each have solid business experience. According to many of BCI’s long-time clients, this broad skill set ensures a well-rounded response to intervening in dangerous or dysfunctional workplace behaviors.
“Our experts are available to help with prevention efforts as well as to intervene in potentially violent situations,” said Jaimee Pittman, BCI’s president. “The companies that engage us are keenly aware of how important it is to safely, practically and expeditiously address potential workplace violence issues.”
When a threat of violence is imminent, BCI recommends calling 911. To help ensure that doesn’t become necessary, many clients engage BCI to develop customized workplace violence prevention programs that include:
  • Risk assessment
  • Threat intervention and case management
  • Workplace violence prevention and awareness training
  • Site security surveys
  • Policy development
  • Assisted termination consulting
  • Coaching for problematic behaviors
BCI’s record of success has earned it well-deserved respect from clients and other business leaders. One such leader is Art Barter, CEO of Datron Holdings, Inc. He was so impressed by what he learned about BCI, that he acquired the firm and made it a member of the Datron family of companies, joining sister company Servant Leadership Institute (SLI).
“BCI and its subject matter experts fit perfectly into Datron’s purpose of positively impacting the lives of others today and in the future,” Barter said. “Incorporating BCI’s expertise in this area into our servant leadership training provides us a unique opportunity to assist leaders in awareness and prevention of such tragic events.”
Given the often-confidential nature of its work, BCI has never trumpeted its successes nor does it rely on traditional advertising to secure clients. Most of its engagements come by referral sources who have either had firsthand experience with BCI or learned about it from trusted advisors.
One such source is Lou Storrow, an employment attorney based in Carlsbad who is past president of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. He has recently referred clients to BCI.
“When an employer is faced with a threat of violence, it’s critical that they get expert advice right away. I have known and trusted Jaimee and her team for many years, and I don’t hesitate to refer them when the need arises,” Storrow said. “Having that relationship and that resource adds value to my practice.”
To learn more about preventing workplace violence, please visit BCI’s website,, or call 1-800-391-4267.

Republished with permission from The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce.
The original story can be read here.

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