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Difficult and Disruptive Workplace Behaviors – Intervene or Ignore?

Difficult and Disruptive Workplace Behaviors – Intervene or Ignore?
Difficult and Disruptive Workplace Behaviors – Intervene or Ignore?

Intervene or Ignore?

Have you ever found yourself facing a difficult behavior in your workplace and wondering if there is anything that can be done to correct or stop the behavior?  Have you ever questioned whether you should just continue to ignore it? Unfortunately, troubled, difficult, or disruptive behaviors don’t usually fade away on their own. In fact, left alone, they generally tend to get worse.  

Courageous Leadership 

All too often inappropriate and disruptive behaviors are allowed to continue simply because the organization’s leaders are unsure of the right course of action, or are afraid that any disciplinary action might actually escalate what appears to be a volatile situation.     

Safe and Productive Intervention

The behavioral experts from BCI regularly consult with Human Resource professionals and other leaders on how to stop ignoring problematic behaviors, and instead safely and successfully assess and intervene in sensitive workplace matters.

Following soon is the first in a series of articles that will address the 4 “D’s” of difficult workplace behaviors, which range from distracting to dangerous. We hope that these articles will provide a framework for identifying and addressing such behaviors, and provide ideas for intervening and mitigating in a safe and productive manner to prevent escalation in both the seriousness and dangerousness of certain workplace behaviors – escalation that can and often does occur when these behaviors are not addressed promptly.

Of course, all situations are unique, and the suggestions provided here are just that, suggestions, and are not intended to replace Human Resource, Threat Assessment and/or Legal consultations as indicated and necessary.

Stay Tuned!

Next week we will begin by discussing Distracting behaviors in the workplace – behaviors that may seem annoying, irritating and downright distracting, to the point of interfering with other employees’ ability to get their jobs done efficiently and in a productive atmosphere.



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