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Active Shooter Response: Run. Hide. Fight.

Active Shooter Response: Run. Hide. Fight.
Active Shooter Response: Run. Hide. Fight.

While mass shootings are statistically rare, no one wants to think about being involved in an active shooter scenario. Since no workplace can be completely immune to the threat of violence, it is prudent to give some thought about what YOU will do if faced with this situation.


Preparedness can save lives!


Run, Hide, Fight

Baron Center, Inc. (BCI) has been contacted by a number of clients in the aftermath of the San Bernardino incident. It’s a good time for us to remind you that how you prepare your employees could significantly impact their ability to protect themselves should such an incident occur.


Wayne Maxey, a senior consultant with BCI and a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals says that security organizations have developed best practices for people who find themselves in these situations. Situational awareness, he explains, is very important. “Where you are, where exits are. Play the ‘what if’ game. If something happens, where am I going to go?” Your first best option, Maxey says, is to run. “The ‘run, hide, fight’ is going to be, I think, similar to firefighters’ standard advice of ‘stop, drop and roll’ when an article of clothing catches fire.”


Six Minutes that could Save Your Life

The City of Houston with a grant from the Department of Homeland Security produced a video called “Run. Hide. Fight.”, which addresses how to best survive a shooting in a public place. Viewed by more than four million people, this well-produced, six-minute video offers potentially life-saving guidelines. Caution, the attached video is a useful tool but can be frightening. If you are going to share with your employees remind them that the decision to fight is a personal one. Click here to view Run. Hide. Fight.

Below is a document, created by our own Mr. Maxey, highlighting several points covered in the “Run. Hide. Fight.” video. Click here for Support Tool

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