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Who We Are

BCI’s professionals are the providers of choice to diverse organizations nationally. Our belief in the value of people, our passion to positively impact organizations and our drive to exceed the expectations of our clients guide us as we serve and grow. Our consultants and trainers are thought leaders in their practice areas; with backgrounds in organizational development, behavioral science, clinical and forensic psychology or law enforcement. Put simply, our approach is thoughtful, compassionate and guided by our key value of “honoring and serving others.”

BCI helps organizations transform their culture and environment to change the lives of employees, leading to a more productive workplace and ultimately, an increase in the bottom line. We are nationally recognized for our work in three disciplines: Workplace Violence Prevention, Organizational Development and Servant Leadership training.

BCI is proud to be a member of the Datron Holdings, Inc. family,
and sister company to Servant Leadership Institute.

How We Work

We specialize in a systemic approach to solving problems and transforming cultures. Upon first engaging with organizations, we consult to accurately identify the problem or primary issues, whether they be related to a dangerous or dysfunctional employee, an emerging leader needing specialized coaching as a part of their professional development plan, or an under-performing department. Based upon this assessment, we design a customized action plan, which may be comprised of consulting, training and/or coaching, to address the areas of concern or designated for development. Next, the plan is implemented with one of our professional consultants with expertise in the designated area. Finally, we measure outcomes, and assess whether specified goals were met, or whether new areas of need were identified. Our approach is holistic, defined and focused on specific desired outcomes for the organization.