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Train Your Employees on Workplace Violence Prevention

Anywhere, Any Time, and on Any Device

Screen Shot OneNow there’s an easy-to-implement, affordable way to give all your employees the tools and information they need to recognize threats and help prevent violence in the workplace.

Baron Center, Inc., with 20 years of experience working with companies, government agencies, and other institutions across the country, has developed an interactive, online training, Workplace Violence Prevention: Recognition & Response, designed to meet the needs of today’s busy people. Taught by a former chief of police, this 45-minute program will empower your employees with the knowledge to:

• Recognize the many different types of workplace violence.
• Understand their responsibility in preventing violence in the workplace.
• Identify specific behaviors that constitute workplace aggression.
• Recognize the warning signs of a potential threat.
• Understand the importance of reporting any unusual, threatening or intimidating behavior immediately.
• Identify options for personal protection in an “active shooter” situation.

Screen Shot Two (3)This basic safety training program is ideal for employees in any workplace, government agency, or other institution. It is delivered through the state-of-the-art Vforum platform and features an easy-to-follow online course format which is accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Arranged in an organized and concise presentation using side-by-side video and slides, the program contains frequent self-checks so users can test their comprehension of the concepts. Users can pause and continue as needed either at the workplace or on the go as their individual schedules allow.

The program’s account tracking features help keep you compliant by allowing you to determine which employees have started, completed or still need to complete the program.

Supported Platforms: Desktop, Android, and iOS

With over two million incidents of workplace violence, harassment and vandalism happening every year, you owe it to your employees to educate them on how to help keep themselves and their co-workers safe in your workplace. Contact us for a demonstration of Workplace Violence Prevention: Recognition & Response. You’ll rest easier knowing you have this professional safety training in place!

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