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Often, an organization recognizes a need to develop its personnel, change internal systems or to shift its corporate culture to reach maximum business potential. BCI’s recognized experts in organizational development gather data from multiple sources and stakeholders during an initial assessment and discovery phase to ensure that we:

  • Identify organizational issues or hot points
  • Understand the current communication channels
  • Pinpoint counterproductive tendencies
  • Discover the core values of the organization and management
  • Determine a well-defined, pragmatic plan for success

Following the discovery and assessment phase, our experts provide recommendations to address identified issues and specific organizational challenges. From this point, practical solutions and a concrete plan to address current organizational issues and concerns is provided. Our organizational development plans are customized and sensitive to the personnel and the culture involved. We strive to gain a deep behavioral understanding of the current culture and create an implementation plan to address organizational goals in the most efficient manner possible.